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Travis Louie x Circus Posterus ‘Ecto-Stan’ Bust Revealed at SPIRITS, 8.3

Travis Louie’s utterly awesome Spirits exhibition opened this past weekend at Stranger Factory and hidden among the paintings and drawings was his Ecto Stan bust, a surprise, 20-piece edition from Travis and Circus Posterus. Standing 7 inches tall and retailing … Continue reading

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Ultra Squid Girl Makes Her Resin Debut @ Le Carnaval, 9.13

Oh hot damn, remember these two?! Kathie and Brandt’s Ultra Squid Girl figure made its debut as a prototype at the Super7 booth during SDCC 2011. Now, this probably goes without saying, but this is a very complicated sculpt and production … Continue reading

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Mandi’s Critters Prepare for the Carnaval

For Le Carnaval des Spectres, Amanda Louise Spayd will have an assortment of her signature dumpy dudes, likely of various sizes, shapes and smiles. She’s kept mum over progress pics so far, but recently dropped these two hypnotic little faces. … Continue reading

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Chris Ryniak’s Spooky Leftovers for Le Carnaval, 9.13

Now isn’t this cool. Over the years we’ve seen Chris Ryniak tackle many a monster; we’ve seen his interpretation of Rayolas, of Stitches and of Buff Monsters. He’s even taken on YHWH. But it wasn’t until last year’s Late Season … Continue reading

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A Sneak Peek from Kathie Olivas for AFA NYC 10.20

Aside from the 20 or so paintings that will grace the walls of New York’s AFA Gallery, Kathie also plans to have a parade of mischievous and enchanting little ladies hanging about the floor, as well. Giant encrusted Elizabeth heads, … Continue reading

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Doktor A’s ‘A Postcard from New Yorkshire’ Solo @ MyPlasticHeart 10.12

Oooo, this oughta be good. It’s been a little over a year since Doktor A’s stellar UK solo exhibition, Mr. Whistlecraft’s Tarnished Daydreams, and he’s now tuning up for a retrobotic steampunk soiree at MyPlasticHeart in NYC this October with A … Continue reading

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Tonal Illustration Workshop with Travis Louie @ Stranger Factory 8.5

As part of his Spirits exhibition opening next month at Stranger Factory, renowned fine artist Travis Louie is hosting a very special, small-group rendering workshop at the gallery on Sunday, Aug. 5th from 3pm to 6pm. The class will introduce students … Continue reading

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Amanda Louise Spayd for ‘Septenary’ @ OhNo!Doom 7.7

Pom poms and party hats, polka dots and pretty lace … Amanda Louise Spayd’s trio of critters for OhNo!Doom’s seven-artist sculpture show, Septenary, are straight out of a circus from a bygone era. Not sure if she’s still sewing life … Continue reading

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Kathie Olivas Solo Exhibition @ AFA NYC Oct. 20

Hot diggity damn, if there’s one thing that makes me squeal like a school girl it’s Instagram pictures from Kathie Olivas showing a barricade of easels resting new paintings, while every tabletop is blanketed by the weapons of her craft: … Continue reading


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Septenary Group Sculpture Show @ OhNo!Doom 7.7

Now THIS is interesting. Ms. Lana “Plushinator” Crooks, needle ninja of OhNo!Doom, recently posted this postcard on her Facebook page stating: “… oh and I am curating (am in) this sculpture show on July 7th.” Amanda Louise Spayd, Chris Ryniak, … Continue reading

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