Travis Louie Custom Stan Skelve for ‘Bewitching’ 10/7

After teasing us with a delightful WIP of this fella last month, Travis Louie’s custom Stan Skelve returns in his full, monochromatic glory! As part of Stranger Factory’s Bewitching Halloween exhibition, the piece stands 9 inches and is acrylic on resin. And if he’s anything like his ghostly brother, his little slippers come off, too (that part really excites me). Now when we first met the white Stan back in June, there were hints that an editioned hand-paint would eventually follow. Fast-forward to September and Travis reveals while working on this guy that the hand-paint would be very similar to what is seen above, sans a few details.  More info on that as soon as it surfaces. We can ogle over this one in the meantime!

Bewitching runs through Nov. 12th, 2011. Stop by the gallery this Friday for a haunting reception from 6pm to 9pm. Check out their killer window display!