The Maker and the Puppets of Amanda Louise Spayd

Back in early January, Amanda Louise Spayd burst onto the CP forums in a fit of excitement and anxiety, squealing through her hand-covered mouth about a top-secret animation project that she couldn’t tell us about, but totally wanted to tell us about, and wound up just honking and squeaking in place with no real discernible words expressed, save for the fact that it was stop motion and she had to make movable puppets and ohmygodsomuchwork.

You have to love her.

Anyway, with the great progress the film has made in the past three months, Mandi was finally able to share her secret project with us yesterday. It’s called The Maker and follows a strange creature as he races against time to make the most important and beautiful creation of his life. Written by Christopher Kezelos of Zealous Creative, the film is quite the collaborative effort with Australian sets, props and animation, FX & compositing from the UK and Amanda on deck in the US making puppet versions of the critter dudes we all know and love.

The Maker is slated to premier this July, first with a round of film festivals and then an internet release. Follow them on Facebook for the latest updates. Below: a gallery of charming micro-sized whimsy … check it out!