Doktor A’s Bella Delamere from Arts Unknown

Now this is production vinyl at its finest: new from Doktor A and Arts Unknown is Bella Delamere (OG edition), an 8-inch Victorian steampunk bombshell due for release this Fall/Winter. Just look at her: curled copper ‘do, wind-up key, dagger, tentacles … look at the pinstripes and ruffles in the dress. Are you seeing this?!

While edition size and price are yet to be confirmed, Arts Unknown said on CP that it’ll hover around the $100 mark. This is a steal to me; can’t wait to see her packaging.

The member’s edition figure (red and white, pics below) will also be randomly inserted in the OG run as a chase. What? Member’s edition? Yes, Arts Unknown has a sort of VIP club that gets you dibs on amazing toys and access to exclusive events and perks. Click HERE if you want a peek behind the curtain; it’s an awesome deal, but spaces are limited and a waiting list might already be underway.

More info on Ms. Bella soon!