Review: MeSmithy’s 7″ Moogle Munny!

A couple months ago, nerd culture super site Albotas had an article about Megan Smithyman’s (aka MeSmithy) mega munny Moogle custom. As a farewell present from her American Dad co-workers, they gave her the monstrous DIY figure to do with however she fancied.

(Note: Megan Smithyman is a geek. She goes to conventions decked out in Star Trek costumes, works in animation production for Futurama, and, obviously, is a gamer nerd. I know, it’s hard not to love her.)

So what did she do with it? Well, she made a moogle, of course! Straight from FFVI (or FFIII, if you’re an SNES nerd like me), comes lovable winged power-puff Mog, complete with red pom-pom and pint-sized wings.

Suffice to say I made it a personal mission to acquire that custom … even if it meant chewing off my right leg. It turns out that Mega Mog lords over Megan’s toy collection, so stealing him is against my personal policy. She did offer to make me a 7-incher though, which is where our story begins …

First off, Megan is one of the most professional, reliable and all-around friendly artists I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with. She’s speedy with emails, will answer any questions, post WIP shots as she works, and for what you’re getting, her prices are incredibly good. For $90, I received a fully-customized 7-inch munny moogle, with a beautiful cloth bag and small thank you note. Did I mention that the price included the blank munny AND priority shipping to Canada? I almost fell over. I also had the figure within a month after paying for it.

Wanna see him? Well let’s get to it!


Mog arrived in a medium-sized priority mailing box stuffed with packing peanuts. After emptying it, I was surprised to find him wrapped in a beautiful drawstring bag with a large ribbon. His journey was safe — no bent wires or twisted wings. He was ready for a photoshoot! 🙂


It’s one thing to customize a figure into something of your imagination. Customizing a figure into a character that is recognizable by almost every gamer on the planet, however, is a whole other monster. Megan not only attemped Mog; she blew ‘im out of the goddamn arena. He is spot on. SPOT ON! Okay so he’s missing a weapon … I should get him a lance or flail or something, but I digress.

It’s obvious to see that Mog’s fur is as soft and fluffy as a teddy bear’s. The fur on his body differs from that of his belly (the latter is shorter and a creamier colour), and his eyes and nose are hard and are made from sculpting puddy. The nose is also flocked, and the same material is used in the ears. The pom-pom is like anything you can grab at a craft shop and it’s held on by a thick wire; this is a major relief because thin wire often looks like shit after a couple years from constant readjustment. The wings, however, are the showstopper: cut from red leather, each is lined with wire to keep its shape and add realism. Megan also stitched the wire in place to prevent shifting (and also add some cool texture to the wings).

The bottom line: My wee gamer mind is blown by the moogle munny and I honestly can’t think of a way to improve on him. He’s well designed, has full articulation, and is a spittin’ image of Mog. It would be awesome if he had a weapon, though. Might have to get on that … and a few other colourways. 😀

Wanna chat up MeSmithy or take a peek at more of her work? Catch her on Twitter or check out her site!