Kidrobot x David Flores x Disney: Thumper

Released: November 2009
Designer: David Flores
Height: 6.75 inches
Width: 5.5 inches
List: $50
Edition size: 400 of each colour

Like many kids, I was weaned on Disney movies from the moment I could open my puffy little infant eyeballs. Beauty and the Beast? Check. Aladdin? Of course. Alice In Wonderland? Hell, I still do.

So when I saw David Flores’ take on Thumper, the ultra-exuberant bunny from Bambi, I stopped everything. The five-year-old inside me was squealing.

Okay I’ll admit the adult was squealing too, but just look at this guy! Totally pimped out with a coat of stained glass and golden buckeroos. A nice choice in colourways, as well; Disney vinyl should be vibrant and these guys just pop.

What I also dig is that Flores didn’t deviate too much from the OG character. Looking at the figure, most will know right off the bat who it is, and the stance is a big indicator. One of the most memorable Thumper scenes is when he’s drumming on the log with his foot, and Flores has adeptly captured that here.

Not surprised; Flores has done Disney before. In 2008 he teamed up with Medicom and adorned his distinctive stained-glass style upon a 14 cm Mickey Mouse. He’s also done some nifty prints, like this one of Pinocchio.

Looking forward to seeing what else Dave has coming. Something tells me he’s not done with Disney vinyl yet. I mean, two figures? Who stops there?

In other news, I’m working on a Thumper custom right now. I have a double of the blue figure that I received as a Christmas gift. If the result isn’t catastrophic, I’ll post it up here as soon as it’s done.

Now if only I could find my paintbrushes.